Wheatstone and case Wheatstone RH end Wheatstone number Wheatstone48rademark
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This 48 key Wheatstone English concertina has 5 fold bellows in excellent condition. It has nickel covered metal ends, steel reeds (all working), giving that haunting tone typical of Wheatstones. It comes with its original sturdy leather covered wooden box with a leather strap. That box has protected this concertina for over 80 years, including a flight in the luggage compartment of a plane from England to Australia in 1974. Its serial number is 26906. The label on the right hand end reads C WHEATSTONE and Co, INVENTORS, PATENTEES and MANUFACTURERS, 15 West St Charing X Rd, LONDON.

A search of the Wheatstone ledgers at the Horniman Museum reveal that this concertina's birthday was September 10, 1915. It is described as nickel/rosewood polished. You can find the Wheatstone ledgers at the Horniman Museum site. Click here to see this concertina's page.

It is a Model 21, which if you look here in the 1920 Wheatstone pricelist, originally sold for 11 pounds. The pricelist also has useful information about the tuning layout.
I originally bought this concertina in Perth, Scotland in 1974 and learned to play on this instrument. It was immediately obvious that it sounds at "old pitch". It plays at A452Hz. It has a brilliantly responsive action and I haven't had it retuned because I didn't want to risk losing that warm, haunting tone that belongs to a Wheatstone concertina from the golden age of concertina making.

So what is a concertina costing 11 pounds in 1915 worth in today's money? Randall Merris and Robert Gaskin have provided a calculator to answer that question. It is here. It shows that in 2000 it would have been worth 2,604.47pounds. Seven years later in 2007, it would be worth more than that. To convert that to Australian dollars or to any other currency you can go to a currency converter here. As of 4 March 2007, that converts to $6,469.45.

I will have this concertina and a Crabb English concertina for sale at this year's National Folk Festival in Canberra at Easter time unless they have been sold by then.

Wheatstone price $8,000AU plus postage and packing. The postage and packing will vary depending on where you are. Contact me to discuss.