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The cimbalom is the member of the dulcimer family used in Hungary and surrounding countries. It is used for folk, classical and contemporary music. Increasingly it is used by musicians from all around the world for klezmer music. The sound is full and round. The hammers used are usually padded with wool and dampers are standard fittings.

Small Cimbalom
This instrument is based on the Hungarian cimbalom's tuning with over three octaves range c-e3. That gives you over three octaves fully chromatic, with no repeated notes. The preferred instrument for Klezmer music. The instrument is triple strung throughout in steel. This is based on the treble section of a concert cimbalom, where most of the playing gets done. It has pedal dampers as standard fittings. A portable cimbalom with a concert cimbalom sound! Price: $5,800
Click here to see how the portable cimbalom is tuned.

Need new cimbalom hammers? I make those too. They cost just $90 pair padded or plain.

Cimbalom and tsimbl hammers adjustable for your style of playing. While some players like to play with their palms facing downwards, others prefer to play with the thumb up and palms facing inwards. Or maybe you play somewhere in between those limits. With these new hammers, you can rotate the shaft to suit your own grip style. Try them. You'll be surprised at their versatility. Want hammers of a particular length? Just ask. They cost $90 a pair, padded or plain.

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