hackbrettAlso known as the Salzburg Hackbrett, this is the style of instrument commonly used now in Bavaria and Austria. It is fully chromatic with a range of g to d3.

The tuning system is very straightforward. If you start at the bottom left course you are at g. Next go to the right hand side and you have g#. Now it is back and forth, left to right, all the way up by semitones. Some notes are marked to give you visual assistance, so you know where you are. The marked notes are e's and f's and b's and c's.

The hackbrett has three strings per course, which gives it a rich tone. I use the brilliantly resonant King William Pine for the soundboard, spruce for the baseboard and a choice of timbers for the fascias. Strings are steel with several wound courses for the lower notes.

Price: $2150
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