santurSo to the smallest of the dulcimers. The Iranian santur is small enough to play on your lap, although traditionally it is played on a small table in front of you. This instrument is copied from a traditional santur and developed in association with an Iranian friend, a very particular player. The steel treble strings and bronze bass strings are stretched to within a whisker of breaking and produce an absolutely sparkling tone. It is tuned diatonically over 3 octaves to the mode appropriate to the music. Price: $2,250

mezrabs Mezrabs, the tiny delicate hammers for a santur are available in plain or padded styles for $90 a pair. The shaft of the mezrab is only about 2mm in diameter, but with very careful wood selection it is strong enough for the most vigorous playing. To hold a mezrab, put your index finger into the U-shaped part, the thumb onto the back curve and the middle finger underneath the little arch.

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