A Bag of Sticks

Vol 1: Leaping off the Plateau

New techniques for the dulcimer by Gillian Alcock and Andrew Purdam

Bag of Sticks1997 was a busy year for new endeavours. Andrew Purdam and I had noticed that people who played the dulcimer for a while were saying things like: "I can play tunes now, but where do I go from here? It feels like I am on a plateau and don't know how to get off."

So we compiled a volume of tunes designed to help people leap off the plateau. In fact we called it that. A Bag of Sticks is planned to be published in several volumes and Volume One is out now: Leaping off the Plateau. There are six pieces for duets, trios and quartets. The pieces are all designed to expand your repertoire of playing techniques, so we've included plucking, bowing, different tremolo techniques etc etc.

A Bag of Sticks comes in a folio with a full score, and all the separate parts you'll need if you are playing in a group. No need to photocopy extra parts. There is also a cassette so you can practise by yourself but hear the other parts. It is a karaoke style cassette with a cunning way of using it, so you can hear your part, or everyone but you ... very versatile.

I used the Bag of Sticks as the main teaching resource at the English Dulcimer Festival in October and it worked very successfully.

The pieces in Volume One are: It is an interesting and challenging bunch of tunes.

A Bag of Sticks is available from me for $25Aus plus postage and packing. Or you can order your copy now online by using the secure orderform. If you need to convert Australian dollars to a different currency, the 164 Currency Converter can help.

Any questions? Gillian.Alcock@netspeed.com.au
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